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Deep in the Cumberland Plateau we have been covertly reinventing the Kentucky rifle...
About Us

Arend Engineering is a small start up company in the heart of the Cumberland Plateau.

We have developed a novel rifling profile and rifling technology which exhibits amazing properties and performance. Our rifle barrels are made from a proprietary stainless steel exhibiting superior high-temperature and corrosion resistance.  This propreitary stainless is also superior in resisting the high temperature / pressure erosion from propellant gases and the abrasive effects from projectile friction.  

To match a barrel capable of sustained high rates of fire, we also developed a new weapon platform from the ground up for intermediate cartridges.  The result is an "Intermediate Cartridge Weapon" code named the J.15 ICW. Standard chamber offerings are in 7.62x39mm Soviet and the SOCOM designed 6.8 Remington SPC rounds.

Please check back soon as this website, our company and our products and technologies develop.

John E. Powers, PE - Proprietor