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Deep in the Cumberland Plateau we have been covertly reinventing the Kentucky rifle...

Arend Engineering designed and fabricated

this test receiver for Arend Rifled Barrels using

CIBRTMrifling technology.  With this test receiver

and using diabolically loaded cartridges with

pressures that completely obliterate the brass case,

no detectable change in chamber or bore dimensions

occur in Arend rifled barrels using our rifling technology

and proprietary stainless steel.



Arend Rifled Barrels


Arend Engineering has developed a novel rifling technology for rifled barrels in both the process of manufacture and the internal geometry which provides superior sustained high rate of fire longevity and performance.  This technology is so superior to the prior state of the art that it can not be patented by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for fear of "secret patent" issue and loss of proprietary rights.

The ease of manufacture allows the application of a superior proprietary stainless steel of yield and ultimate strengths three times the strength of typical AISI 416, and 25% greater than AISI 4140 ChroMo steel.