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Deep in the Cumberland Plateau we have been covertly reinventing the Kentucky rifle...

Below are some of the outstanding features of and the technology exihibited by the J.15.ICW (Intermediate Cartridge Weapon)


  • CIBRTM   (trade secret)  -  Arend rifled barrels with CIBRTM technology  are designed for extreme and sustained high volume and high rates of fire without overheating and barrel failure.  Chamber pressures and temperatures are drastically lower lower with insignificant loss in muzzle velocity. This new technology has the potential for US "Secret" patent law and the loss of intellectual property and proprietary rights in the United States.
  • PCCTM(Positive Cartridge Chambering)  -  Cartridges enter the chamber before being released from the magazine for positive, single-round feeding.  Rear locking bolt lugs allow the closest possible magazine placment to the chamber.  Unlike other designs with front locking lugs, the scoring of cartridge cases during chamber feeding is minimized.   

  • TTDTM (Total Thread-less Design) -  This technology eliminates all threaded fasteners or threaded parts for the prevention of thread galling, seizing, stripping and failure.  Torsional stress of machine elements is eliminated.
  • OPDTM (One Pin Disassembly).  The removal of one pin allows the instant removal of the barrel for cleaning, stuck cartridge removal, or complete barrel replacement in the field, if needed.


  • Fully ambidextrous and field switchable right/left ejection.


  • Bullpup configuration compatible.


  • Modified HK G3 trigger group with cross-bolt safety.


  • Chambered in 7.62x39mm Soviet.


  • Uses standard, unmodified AK-47 magazines - one of the most durable magazine designs ever created.


  • The ease of manufacture of the J.15.ICW is almost simple to the point of appearing improvised.